Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Saturday

Things I am happy about this week:

  1. Name changed, must remember to get my passport done.
  2. I was happy how Peanut Butter's costume came out.
  3. I ran 13 miles this week on my way to 50 in November.
  4. Screw up my checkbook the good way. Deducted to much and said shoot it is going to be a tight week, but realized a few days later I was double deducting a charge.
  5. Halloween candy, though this can be a negative too.
  6. Got 2 of PB's Christmas gifts out of the way. The girl who owns 5 dollhouses between her dad and I wants another one, a barbie size one. Good Grief, I am torn on whether or not to get her one. The only reason I am considering a barbie size one, is I know it will get played with.
  7. We get to set the clocks back tonight, a little extra sleep.
  8. Honeycrisp apples with caramel and brie cheese, yum.
  9. Hearing PB say I Love You!
  10. Revenge, my new favorite show.


Kat said...

A very good happy list. :)

Denise said...

Thats a fantastic list!