Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trampled in Milwaukee

Blogging month it is. I am going to give it a whirl. I have a few things to post about so, this is a good opportunity to do so.

First up. I went to my first concert in a long time and eek, by myself. I am a total introvert, so doing this was an adventure in itself. A friend of mine from high school who by the luck of facebook, we actually keep up with each other as best we can. He told me about this band Trampled by Turtles, I know crazy name, and I liked a couple of their songs he mentioned. Like this one:

 I kept adding songs from my free library downloads and saw that they were playing in Madison and Milwaukee the end of October. My friend said, "Go! Even if you go alone, you will have a good time." Upon that request I bought a ticket to the Milwaukee show since I had plans already for the night of the  Madison show even though that one would have worked better.

I went, I had dinner by myself at the longest bar east of the Mississippi, then went to the show. I have never seen so much flannel/plaid in one place since the early nineties. Apparently, the lumberjack look is in with the hardcore TBT fans and I have never seen so many people drink Pabst beer. I had heard it was the new/old hot beer, but wasn't real sure 'til then. A group 4 on the Floor opened and they were pretty darn good. These United States were next and then Trampled. It was a fantastic show, the sound could of been a little better, but all in all, loved it. I have to thank my friend for telling me to go, because I would have never, ever done this before. He did say I'd find someone to talk to, but I didn't, though I didn't try too hard either.

If you get a chance check Trampled by Turtles out, they are a little on the side of Mumford and Sons. It is funny in my iTunes they are considered: country, rock, alternative, and indie. So a little for everyone.

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Kristi said...

You go girl!! All by yourself! That's brave but it sounds like it was worth it