Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Miss Peanut Butter wanted to be Frankie Stein from Monster High, I could of just bought the dang costume from wally world fro 20 bucks, but no, I being the want to be crafty person that I am, had to make it myself.

She was extra excited she got to wear "lip gloss" and had scars put on her face. She didn't do a whole lot of Trick or Treating, but some how came home with a load of candy. Candy, that she will never eat, so it sits here tempting me.

We did set a bowl up for Trick or Treaters on the honor system and yeah, that went to heck. We actually stopped back at the house for PB to use the potty and while we were in the house someone dumped the whole bowl. Jerks. PB was upset! so was I. We headed back out and PB wanted to hand out candy the last hour so I had to stop at the local gas station and pick up some more candy, so much for the coupons I used on the first batch. But she had a ball handing out candy for the last hour, and I got to get dinner made while she did. I worked out perfect.


Leslie Collins said...

She looks adorable! I would have been ticked, too. People are so rude. We didn't hand out candy this year, but I think Reyna would have had fun with it, too.

Denise said...

She looks GREAT!