Sunday, November 6, 2011


I have now come to dislike buying shoes for Peanut Butter. I bought a pair at Target, I swear a couple weeks ago and J brought them over today when he dropped PB off and the strap had ripped off. I went to 4 stores to replace the gym shoes. PB has to wear gym shoes everyday but Tuesday to school, so buying cute shoes is a waste since she can't/won't wear them to school. I found a pair I liked at shopko, but they were brown and I wanted the black in that style. Fleet Farm had nothing, I was afraid anything I bought at wally world would rip right away like the Target pair, so I found a pair at Kohls. They aren't my favorite because, well they are gym shoes, but I did have a 15% off coupon so I bought them. And can I just say, Sketchers, I despise you, my PB fawns over your Twinkle Toes and I just cringe at the 44 dollar on sale price tag. $44 for a pair of shoes my kid will be lucky to wear 6 months. I was praying there was a pair in her size on clearance, but alas they were all 2 sizes to big.

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Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Yes, Shoes are an issue here too. They just don't last as long and man are they expensive! lol!