Sunday, September 23, 2007

I went in to work at 2 am Saturday morning so I would be able to leave at 2 pm, since my dad was was visiting. I napped for 30 min when I got home, so I ended up having one of those tired headaches that are just a pain. Badgers won, I was a little worried I couldn't fall asleep until I heard them score and go ahead. Peanut Butter ended up having the beginnings of the croup. The doc said we caught it before she got It seems like it has been a long weekend. I went into work at 2 am on saturday barky so it should be cleared up by tomorrow. She sounds a whole lot better already. I've been on the boy lately. I feel bad, but I also feel like I'm talking to a brick wall sometimes. I don't really know where to go from here. We are going to the Brewer game tomorrow night. My dad put together a group of the family to go. It should be a good time even though I don't agree with what goes on in the Majors. I had Tues and Weds off, hopefully I can get some stuff done. I got a inspired by the Sept/Oct issue of Simple Scrapbooks, and I rarely get that from that magazine. I bough outside the borders and wished I hadn't. I don't really like memory makers to begin with and this book by them was bad. I should've bought the dares book. Peanut Butter has figured out how to get up on the coffee table by pushing her car up and climbing up on top of that to get to the top of the table. She's a goof.

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Beth said...

OMG borrow me a Packers Jersey? Do you want me to get killed? I wouldnt make it out of the house the BF would KILL ME!
LOL thanks for the comments!