Thursday, August 30, 2007

Not too much is happening here. We found someone to watch Peanut Butter in November so we can go to a Notre Dame game. I'm pretty excited. I can't believe how much hotels in south bend were going for. The holiday inn was $329 a night, with a 2 night minimum. That's insane. Any other night it's probably $100. Though I guess the Dells is like that too. It's like they know when schools have in service because those night during the week are twice as much. I really need a vacation no mater how small. I'm getting a little down being here all the time. I tried to get out for a while on Monday, they neighbor girl watched p.b. and she screamed the whole time I was gone. I had to come home early. Then she was all smiles when I walked in the door. I felt horrible she cried the whole time, and the neighbor wouldn't take any money because I had to come home. Her birthday is in a couple days. I'm going to send her a card with a gift card, since she goes back to college tomorrow.

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