Saturday, August 11, 2007

You win some you lose some

The boys won their fist game this morning, 10-5. Thing were looking up. Then they just couldn't hit the ball and lost 0-10 the second game, and lost a close one this afternoon. Their last game got rained out until tomorrow morning, but I have to work. There is a chance something might happen and they will play in the afternoon.

Peanut Butter was her usual busy self, running all over the place. I was afraid she'd never nap, but she finally took a nap at 4:30. But now at 8 she won't go to bed. She's yelling/babbling at J and the boy. They deciphered it to mean they're lazy. Must be because they are chillin' in the chair and on the couch.

I got a walk in earlier today, down to the fields and back. I've been slacking a bit on walking or any sort of exercise lately. I need to get back in the groove.

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