Monday, August 20, 2007

Peanut Butter's Party

We had Peanut Butter's Birthday party yesterday. I think she had a lot of fun! She was still going strong at 9:00 pm. Quite a few people showed up and she received lots of toys that make noise. Thank god some of them have on\off switches. She got this interactive chair, it is so cute when she just walks up and sits in it. She has also figure out how to stand on it :) My Grandma came, it was good to see her. She is the only great grandparent left.

I ordered way too big of a cake. The size didn't look that big when the bakery person showed it to me, but in real life, huge. Now I have a bunch of cake, or sugary goodness as I'm been calling it, just sitting here begging to be eaten. I did have some for breakfast.

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