Sunday, March 27, 2011

10 Things

Kim and Kristi have started doing 10 things that made you happy this week. I would hope something good came out of every week, so lets see what is happened this past week.

10. I got back to scrapping after a short hiatus.

9. I watched about 4 episodes of Supernatural yesterday.

8. PB slept in her own bed. Don't get too excited it was only one night.

7. I actually made something new for dinner and it was pretty good. Salmon with lemon parsley asparagus and potatoes

6. PB is excited about doing a garden this year and has decided we need pumpkins too.

5. I got moving again. Though it was an extremely tough go today. My legs were lead.

4. Peeps

3. I decided if we we going to do a garden I should compost too, my container is almost full after only 2 days. I am using a 5lb protein powder canister.

2. The Boy came home from Disney World with his band and brought back PB a Rapunzel figurine set. Though I was hoping he would have bought something more Disney Worldish with the twenty I gave him, but I was surprised that he lugged the big package home for his sister. She was ecstatic.

1. Though things are stressful and depressing work/politics wise, I still have my family though they can be just as stressful themselves sometimes.


KimBerly said...

Good list!! Did you see the award?

Anonymous said...

I seriously need to get moving again! I was doing good right up to Christmas and then we had so much cold weather that I was stuck indoors and decided to take a break.

How very sweet of your stepson to bring something back for Miss M.! I can only imagine how thrilled she was - Tiana is a favorite around here as well.

Anonymous said...

Ooops . . . I meant Rapunzel!

Kristi said...

Nice list! I think it is nice to reflect on this kind of stuff