Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Saturday

My top ten thing to be happy about this week are:

10. The power mongers had to be told 3 times that their was a restraining order on the bill becoming law and finally got it through their heads that maybe they should stop trying to push their limits.

9. After lagging in my running I pushed myself a little on Weds and got a nice 4 miler in. 

8. Aldi's had strawberries for 49 cents a package today. They are pretty ripe, but I will freeze them for smoothies.

7. Things are making much more sense on Fringe now that I caught up on the season 2 that I missed.

6. My yard is snow free!

5. Woot, I won the NCAA Bracket Challenge. Yes, I know the Championship hasn't been played, but no one had any teams left in the pool. See those first rounds do make a difference. Oh, and another thing,  I am 2 time champ!

4. I got my brakes done on my car for half of what it would've cost me at the shop and found some pretty scrapbook paper while I was waiting for my car to get done.

3. Who ever does this facebook profile gives me a daily smile, sarcasm at its finest. If you like Scott Walker don't click.

2. I decided I'm going to spend a weekend in May here.  I gave up my Y membership so I should have money to cover it. My Mother's Day present to myself. Some other ladies from work are going.

1. Peanut Butter had her 4K spring show this week and it was a hoot. She is one good dancer.

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Denise said...

Yay for you and running! I suck at running, but my new goal "get running" and not die! We have an Aldi's here too they do have some great deals on fruit I just bought bananas for CHEAP! That retreat looks awesome and just what the Dr. ordered. Have fun