Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hello Sugar My Old Friend

I was on a total stress diet for a week and a half and then bam, the sugar craving are back. I cannot seem to get enough peeps, chocolate, cookies, what have you. I have lost all self control. Maybe by putting it out there I can get a handle on it. 

While I was on my stress, not want to get out of bed, so screw running or any exercise pre-spring break, I, um, didn't do anything. I started running again last week, outside, and while it is hard to get back in the motions, it has been great to be outside. I also borrowed from the library Jillians Banish the Fat Boost the Metabolism and Shred it with Weights. I've always liked BFBM it is a great cardio workout. It is about 50 min long and some how I always forget how many circuits there are until she says we have 2 more circuits til the cool down. At this point I always swear,  think didn't we just do 5 circuits, and suck it up. Shred it with Weights is a whole other level of torture. It is supposed to be a kettle bell workout, but you can use a hand weight, which I do. I did level one for the first time last week. I thought this isn't so bad, I whipped through the 25 min and felt like I had worked out, but not beaten down. Well, that is until the next day, my hamstrings were so sore. I ran a day and took a day off and said lets try level two. I again whipped through that baby, except for the inverted push ups, they are killers, and thought well, that wasn't so bad. Yeah, not so bad until about 3 hours later when my quads were so sore I could barely walk down the stairs. I sat at work yesterday, hoping that the rain/sleet/ice/snow crap would let up and I could possibly get a run in, but the wind was crazy so I decided to be too and did level two again. Yes, my quads were still screaming from the day before and I had to really suck it up to get through some of it, but I did it, and cursed every time I had to go up or down stairs the rest of the night. Still sore this a.m., I think, maybe I'll take a day off, but I don't because I'm on this sugar bender and need to burn some calories so I do the 50 min of BFBM.  It loosened up my muscles, but it wiped me out. Hopefully I can get a run in tomorrow, but it is pretty icy out there and even though I can go to the Y and use the treadmill, I would rather not. I am stuck in the spring fever of running is now done outside, yet Mother Nature says, not so fast, I've got more snow and ice for you. Hopefully she'll be done soon.

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KimBerly said...

I'm not a big sweet eater but some days I can't stop eating candy.. The best way to control this is to NOT have sweets in your house. I get upset with B when he brings them home and I make him hide them from me.