Monday, March 14, 2011

As Time Flies By

Time has been cruising by. There has been a lot of chaos in our lives as of late. I will do a quick catch up. Peanut Butter went to one of her friend's birthday party. She had a blast bowling.


With J moving to first shift, some days are tough of PB. We have to get her up and to daycare by 5:30am they days we both work. By the time she gets home she is running on empty and in an attempt to stay awake she will try to eat us out of house and home. Sometimes sleep gets the better of her. 


I decided to put my cricut to work for valentines day and made these:


And in case your are wondering, Bazzil Bling paper doesn't cut very well in the cricut. I tried to make glittery brown owls and had to settle with non glittery ones.

We are registered for Kindergarten, and for the first time, I am having doubts about sending her. I have no idea what is going to happen with public schools and with a huge cut pay cut we are taking, we cannot afford a private/parochial school. I am concerned about class size and am afraid that PB might get lost if class sizes are too big. We were going to try and send her to one of the elementary schools that was capping class size, but with the proposed budget that is being cut.

I've also decided to ignore start another blog. There are days I want to vent and get a little political and don't want it to disrupt my happy little Where's Jelly.  If you care to read my "leftie whining" you can catch me over here.


Kat said...

If you are worried about public schools there are a bunch of parochial schools that have tuition assistance so that anyone can attend. I know our parochial school has it. Maybe you could check into that?
Good luck!

Kim said...

I love the picture of her sleeping with string cheese. So cute!! Good luck with decided about school. I am not looking forward to those days.

Laura said...

That is the cutest pic of her with the cheese. Roo falls asleep in her chair while snacking most days. Good luck with the school choice - so hard to know what to do.

CanadianMama said...

Falling asleep while eating - LOVE IT!

And the valentines are great - what cart did you use? I've been using my cricut to do vinyl lately and I'm having SO MUCH FUN!!

Anonymous said...

The picture of Miss M. with the cheese is just PRICELESS! And bowling - how fun! I didn't realize how stressful the anticipation of kindergarten was on me until C.ooper settled in and I all of a sudden felt more at ease and relaxed. I hope you are able to get her somewhere that works for her and where she excels - she is such a great kiddo, that I am sure it won't be hard! I saw the new blog update on Facebook and then totally forgot to bookmark it - thank you for sharing it again!

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

We registered Izzy for Kindergarten too. sad, but happy too. She's so excited! Love the bowling pic and those owls are freaking awesome!