Monday, April 12, 2010

Where Does A Weekend Go

I am always amazed how fast my four day weekends go. I have no idea where it went. Friday, Peanut Butter and I saw How to Train a Dragon. It was very good. Peanut Butter is begging to see it again. We did some spring/summer cloths shopping at Old Navy, did lunch, and after a trip through Target, PB slept the whole way home. 
Saturday, J had baseball registration in the morning and since he thought it was going to be so busy, he enlisted me to help while The Boy watched PB. After and hour J decided they didn't need me and I got some grocery shopping in PB free which was awesome. J and I went out to dinner by ourselves at a mew Mexican place we have in town, the food was great. 
Sunday was the big garage clean up. J, The Boy and PB did that while I vacuumed my car. I also finally painted an old dresser we has sitting in the garage to get J off my back about it. It is now up in PB's room and she had to fill it with random toys. I made lasagna and we had an actual dinner at the table. 
So far today. PB and I went to the library and have been chillin'. It is a little cool outside, so I'm not in any rush to be out there.
I also caught up on a couple of movies that have been sitting in my Tivo. I watched Angels and Demons and I remember hearing the reviews that it was bad, but I liked it. I got through a bit of Milk, but I will have to finish that one at some point. I saw Julie and Julia, that was a wonderful movie. I think I will have to read the book. I really didn't know if I'd like it, but I really did. I even checked out a Julia Child biography today. I had no idea what her life was like. 
I have been doing fairly well in my April goal of cutting back the sugar. Today, not so much, but in general pretty good.


Anonymous said...

Yeah for a productive weekend - even if it did go by too quickly!

I FINALLY got around to watching a couple movies that I borrowed from my Mom a year ago - I highly recommend Waitress. I have a bunch more sitting on our DVR that I need to clean out.

imbeingheldhostage said...

April's a difficult month to cut back sugar! I loved that movie. We took the whole family and they all want to see it again. We were lucky to see it in 3D, I hope we like it as much when the dvd comes out.

Kat said...

We went to see that movie last week. The boys LOVED it. Actually, so did Todd and I. So cute. :)

cheeky curves said...

Spring seems to bring a rush of energy, after cleaning my back garden, I hired a shampoo clean and blitz my livinging room, dining room, hall and landing, now I ache all over. To finish off I helped my sister clear her odd and sods at a boot fair. Yeah for spring.