Monday, April 26, 2010

A Holiday Well Worth It

Friday night J had to bowl in a tournament and I stopped down at the alley to check out the action. I forgot what it was like to sit amongst chain smokers and intoxicated peeps. I did have fun, but my head hurt from the smoke the next day. I can't imagine the damage I did to myself over the years, yikes. I took Saturday off on a holiday, and it was awesome. It was a crappy rainy day, so we slept in until 9, which for me is really late, and it felt so good. We lounged, colored, watched tv, scrapbooked, lost track of time, had a family dinner, and scrapbooked some more. It was well worth the 8 hrs of leave time I used. I am now looking forward to my 5 day weekend starting Thursday, though I am considering some overtime, I'm so broke, but I'm just considering OT at this point. 

I had a Reese's blizzard from dairy queen yesterday. I cannot believe I ate 1000 calories in 20 min. while watching The Pacific. This is after I ate close to 1000 calories in M&Ms in my scrapbook room earlier that day. I made sure to do Jillian today, and hopped back on the good eating express. 

Baseball has slowed down a bit with J's time suckage, which is nice. 

I met with Peanut Butter's Speech Therapist last week. PB seems to be doing well, she needs to slow down her rate of speech, which I'm sure she gets from me, since I can be a speed talker. She said she thought PB would do fine in 4K. I think she will too, but worry that the teachers may not think that she is getting the stuff because they won't be able to understand her. We'll see, it is 5 months off.

PB is desperate to see Mickey, yes, as in the mouse. It has now become her obsession to fly on a plane and see Mickey, oh and swim in the pool at the hotel.  I may have to start working a lot of overtime. Damn those Disney dvd previews of how great the Magic Kingdom is.


Leslie Collins said...

You are too funny about Disney. I hear ya, it's an arm and a leg to go to Disney.

As of May 1st, Michigan will have a No smoking policy in any establishment that serves food and I can hardly wait. I would like to take Reyna bowling, but it's soooo smokey and now we can go enjoy it smoke free!

Kat said...

Ugh. My boys are bugging us about going to Disney too. I keep telling them they'll have to get jobs. ;)

Let's hope this WI weather turns around soon. It feels so cold lately!

Kristi said...

Its hard to believe they still allow smoking there! I have never been happier than when they made the smoking ban in MN