Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Touching Base Tuesday

I finally figured out what was plaguing my internet. We had issues with freezing, drop boxes not working, and any sort of video taking forever. After deleting some extensions on Firefox, we are all good. Now I can get back to blogging again or at least more than once a week, maybe, well at least I can get my photos to upload now. 

I had a semi bad couple days last week. Some baby mama drama coupled with J's being absent turned into quite the breaking of the flood waters. I think things will get better in the coming weeks. The Boy's mom and me well, I can't say the same. When I am in a rush, have lost my patience, am frustrated or the like, I yell. I do, I yell. I bottle it all up and it spews out. Last Thursday as I'm running around getting ready to leave to go to the gym and take Miss Peanut Butter to the Y for swim lessons, The Boy is on the phone with his mom, and as I'm getting ready to walk out the door, "how am I going to get to practice?" is placed upon my shoulders. I told him,"It is not MY problem." You have a bike and two legs, either ride the bike or walk." I didn't think this was a harsh option, I rode my bike to baseball practice when I was a kid. Apparently I was a little harsh in his mother's eyes. She told J yelled at him and said it wasn't my problem. Um dear, when I am walking out the door and someone has known about having practice that night for sometime and decides at that moment to try and get a ride from me, isn't MY problem. Failure to plan doesn't constitute an emergency on my part.The Boy needs to learn some type of responsibility on his part at some point in his life and I'm trying to instill some now before his college roommate wants to kill him.

My house is a disaster. I think Hazmat may need to come in. I am at the point where I really need to do something, but I just dread the whole thing. I also have the I want to repaint the whole house bug and know that is nearly impossible with PB running around like a crazy person.

I cannot believe I have gone without cookies or ice cream for 20 days now. Have I lost any weight, not so much, but I have been walking more and I did the last chance workout this morning and was surprised to make it to the last circuit without really dying. The last circuit sucks though, which brings me to PB's  Dr appt yesterday. PB needed a check up to be enrolled in 4K. Sigh, I know, 4K. Anyway, the Dr said that PB was on the borderline of being fat. And gave me the spiel about not letting her eat junk food and soda. Yeah, doc, I'm a complete moron. I wonder if he would have been so concerned if I had been a mom 30 lbs lighter. The kid is lucky if I buy her fruit snacks and even those are considered candy at our house. I am a much healthier person since I gave birth to her, just because I still have issues doesn't mean I don't try to curb those issues with her before they start. I hardly think she is heavy anyway. I don't know why this bothered me so much.

The people who do the scheduling for the networks need to get together. Thankfully I have 2 dvrs in this house. Glee, Lost, Biggest Loser, Deadliest Catch, Justified, Survivor(on BBCamerica), all on Tuesday nights. I am so happy to have Glee back. I can't get enough of Jane Lynch, I love her. I was playing the Vouge video 

and PB was trying to get all the moves down it was hilarious. 

Well to end out today here is a video of Miss Peanut Butter. The daycare she goes to had a program the other night and this is them doing Laurie Berkner's "We Are the Dinosaurs."


Denise said...

PB is cute as a button she not borderline fat!! Damn Dr' what do they know! And yes the boy needs to step up and get his poop in a pile or he needs to hoof it or bike it! enough said!!

Laura said...

"Yelling" is such a strange term. Seems like a person could whisper sometimes and be accused of yelling.

Good job on the no cookies thing! Wow - I need your self-discipline.

And PB is soooo adorable!

Kat said...

I need a bit of your discipline. I really should cut out ALL sweets. :)

jessica said...

oh my she is so cute in that video....

and Boys can be irresponsible in general. i've got a laundry list of complaints in that area!! :(

i'm awful about sweets. my skin and my butt remind me!