Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lucky Me

I've been on a bit of a lucky streak. I won the basketball championship "test" that landed me some cash that I really could use. I was a huge Duke fan for quite a while, I still like them, but I don't find my self watching as much college basketball these days as I used to. But that was one heck of a game! Since I was feeling lucky I bought a scratch off this morning and won 20 there. I'm hoping my luck continues with the powerball or megabucks ticket I bought after work.
Unfortunately, I have had some bad luck too. I got a horrible cold Saturday night that is still lingering a bit. I just want to breathe fully again. Though, with all the pollen my sinuses have been pretty stuffed anyhow. If I had not called in sick on Sunday, the most I think I would have seen my husband this week is about 10 hours. 8 of those would have been on Sunday. It is the first week of April and baseball has consumed every waking hour. If he is not gone, he is on the phone or on the computer doing baseball related things. The most we have talked is a huge fight we had on Friday night over getting Peanut Butter an Easter Basket. I have been told things will be better next week when teams get split up, we shall see. I hate to bitch about it since he enjoys doing it and seems to do good things, but with his work hours it gets very empty here. I also run out of patience with Peanut Butter a lot faster when there is no one else for her to bounce off of, which isn't fair to her.  Here's to hoping my good luck continues with those lotto tickets.
I have also been doing fairly well on cutting back on the sweets, but it is very hard. I had some peeps the other day. I have switched from ice cream to yogurt, and haven't baked any cookies yet, though I could really go for some. The Kashi bars are not cutting it.


Laura said...

Here's hoping for the big one! although $20 is pretty good

I hope your allergies calm down soon and so does baseball season.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! Good luck with the lottery tickets! And yeah for a string of good luck - we all need that every now and again.

Leslie Collins said...

hope you feel better.....i saw that special k has a new cereal out with looks pretty good.