Monday, December 21, 2009

You'd Better Not Pout

I have been completely stressed out the last couple days. I feel like there is so much stuff that has to be done in the next couple days that I don't know how it will possibly get done. I have to wrap all the presents, put the girl's kitchen together, clean the house, pick up a couple things and unfortunately attend a funeral on the same day that is my Mom's family's Christmas, 2.5 hours from each other. For this reason I have decided to play hooky tomorrow and possibly attempt to get the kitchen put together and hidden somewhere. Then I begin vacation that last through to Jan 5th. So as messed up as this week maybe, I will have another one to recover. Thankfully a spot at the kennel opened up today so I don't have to worry about where the dang dog is going to have to go on Saturday.
Miss Peanut Butter has been on a tear as of late, all sass and no listening, even threats about the big guy not coming roll right off of her. "Yes, Santa WILL still bring me a kitchen set." I think she is my biggest stresser right now.
J and I are actually going to hang out together tomorrow night by ourselves. He has some Christmas shopping to do, and I, well, have to buy wrapping paper. I love amazon. We are then going to take in the finger licking wings at Quaker Steak and Lube and maybe, just maybe a movie. Though I don't know how we would fit that in, but there is hope. The boy is a little pissy about babysitting since J told him where we were going for dinner, so J has to take him next week.


Leslie Collins said...

Relax! :) Enjoy your day off and I hope you can get some stuff done.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your night with the hubs! I completely understand what you mean. Our sassy little girl (well and boy for that case) have been threatened to no avail about the big guy too.

Good luck finishing everything. I have a house to clean and all the wrapping to do. I'd like to bake today, but I honestly don't know if I do that I'll be taking on more than I can actually get done.

Anonymous said...

There must be something in the water, because we have sass a plenty around here as well! I hope you and J. have a good time and that you are able to get everything done and then have some time to relax.

imbeingheldhostage said...

That last week up to Christmas is a nightmare, isn't it? It seems the kids get grumpier and sassier while we're busting our rear ends to paint the magic for them.
I hope you have a great Christmas Robyn-- your comments have rescued me over and over this year and I'm so glad we're blog friends. Marry Christmas! P/S
We wanna see the kitchen!