Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All I Want for Christmas

Since others are doing their top 10 wants for Christmas here goes in no particular order

1. New Cricut cartridges specifically Ashlyn's Alpha and Don Juan.

2. A Mani Pedi

3. The complete Angel series on DVD

4. A treadmill or to have Jillian come over for a day or two

5. A Wii

6. A laptop

7. Photography lessons

8. External Hard drive. I should back up the photos I have at some point.

9. A new kitchen

10. My rear brakes and alignment done on my car.


Michelle Leigh said...

Actually very realistic, for the most part. I doubt Jillian will come to your house, but you can wish right? You should try to get into Karen Russell's workshop, she is awesome!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Oooh, this is a great idea. I hope Santa is reading your blog!

Denise said...

great list! May santa be good to you this year!