Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm A Sucker for a Cute Face

Friends of mine asked if Peanut Butter and I wanted to see the Chipmunk movie with them. I asked PB if she wanted to go and she said, "No, I want Princess and the Froggy." So being the sucker that I am we caught Princess and the Frog again today. I was actually cheaper at another theater than the one here in town that isn't showing it anymore. PB got in for free and it was $2 Tuesday for popcorn. Peanut Butter was actually even better sitting today, she sat the entire movie and was enthralled. Then of course this evening she says she wants to see the Chipmunks after I told my friends I wasn't going to go. I'm torn.

I did Jillian today after quite the hiatus. I only did level one, but I did it. I really need to get back into the swing of things. I received her book for Christmas and I'm anticipating giving up the diet Coke which I am so fond of, well addicted to. Unfortunately her other DVDs were sold out at Best Buy today so I had to settle with Despereaux and Eddie Izzard Live from Wembley. My brother is going to see Eddie later this month and I am totally jealous.

For some reason this vacation is moving way to swiftly. It seems like it is 8pm like that everyday. Peanut Butter's sleeping schedule is totally screwed. I dread next week.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the outfit! hahaha I really need to get K-Girl to the movies to see Princess and the Frog. Perhaps later this week while The Husband is still off work.

Anonymous said...

Miss M. is ROCKIN' that look! What a cutie!

(And I am glad you mentioned The Shred, as I have been meaning to tell you . . . I picked up The Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout and am LOVING IT! I have been alternating it with The Shred and like the variety. Jillian is a bit more bitchy and pushy, but in a good way. The cardio workout is 25 minutes long, and there is also separate 15 minute lower body and 15 minutes upper body toning sections. Some of the moves from The Shred are in there, and there is still lots of interval training. As an added bonus, contestants from the show are one there . . . I feel just a tiny bit better about myself when I can do a move that one of them can't. I am ignoring the fact that they weigh twice as much and can do all the other moves better than me.)

Denise said...

what a cute kid! I will be restarting the "Shred" also WE CAN DO IT!!