Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Anatomy of a Do It Youself Christmas Photo.

First begrudgingly get the boy to put a nicer shirt on and have the girl brush her hair. Apparently this is torture for both. The let the fun begin.

Peanut Butter doesn't understand that Mama does NOT want funny face. It isn't funny at this point. The Boy is still working with us.

PB decides this is for the birds and will not cooperate in any shape or form except to stand next to her brother who is still playing along.

We finally get PB to play along by letting her have the wand she got at the holiday parade and letting her think it will end up in the photo. The Boy decides he's sick of smiling since this is take 30.

This is the best shot we got.  Happy stinkin' Holidays.  I couldn't even hold the camera steady enough for a nice lighted one.  Maybe I'll just do a collage of the past year. Hopefully PB will smile with Santa tomorrow when she's telling him about the kitchen set of her dreams.


Anonymous said...

Christmas pictures are always so stressful. We haven't gotten that far yet, but they are always certain to leave someone in tears - typically mom or dad. ;)

CanadianMama said...

Ha! This is like my favorite photostory :)

Leslie Collins said...

Looks like we had the same amount of luck getting a Christmas picture decent enough to mail out! I finally settled one a semi-cute one. Reyna kept giving me a funny face, too.

Cute pic's . :)

imbeingheldhostage said...

Happy stinking Christmas to you too-- LOVED this post :-)

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! The last shot is great - even if it isn't 'perfect'. And it never fails . . . one kid is raring to go and the other could care less. And then you give it 15 minutes, and the roles are reversed.