Monday, August 22, 2011

It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To

I planned a Tea Party for Peanut Butter's birthday. I found cups and plates at Goodwill, I got some foam crowns for the girls to create their own and JoAnns had great stuff on clearance so I was able to get make your own princess wands too. I was worried that no one was coming because I only had one RSVP by my deadline, but then a few more came in. Here's the set up:

Peanut Butter was up early and anxious all day for the party. I wonder if she was up a little too early. Her friends arrived and they went to town on the tiaras and wands. It was a hit until one of PB's friends used a ribbon from the wands on her tiara and PB had a huge meltdown about it. I felt horrible for her friends with her screaming and crying over a ribbon. She some how composed herself and the kids ate, I had turkey and cheese sandwiches, I did make pb&j too, but one of the girls has a peanut allergy so I didn't bring them out, fruit salad and my apparently famous carrot muffins. PB doesn't like cake so she asked me to make the muffins for her, they have received rave reviews from the daycare. 

Then something else threw PB off the deep end.

She sat and pouted, then she took the balloons for a ride.

She blew out candles, yes I had regular cupcakes too.

She opened presents the kids played in her room and then out in the backyard when the chaos started. I put up a swing in the back yard and it was a huge fight over who was on the swing, and PB went crazy that she had to share and take turns, OY! Luckily it was pick up time and the Parents started showing up. I hope the girls had fun even though Peanut Butter was a screaming crying mess for some of it.


Kat said...

Oopsies. I guess we all get a little cranky around our birthdays. ;)
Maybe a good lesson for next year. No party unless she puts on her finest manners. ??
Looks like a beautiful (and yummy) party! :)

Anonymous said...

The excitement/anxiety/etc. of parties tend to make my kiddos a little easier to upset as well - the sugar and the fact that they have to share their toys and their space never helps either! Everything looks great and I am sure she had a terrific time - great job, Momma!

KimBerly said...

Very cute set up. I'm sorry PB had a melt down. Don't you hate that?? Jake is having a melt down right now. Kids!

Denise said...

What an adorable party you put on. SO CUTE!! And kids will be kids.

Lesle Alvarado said...

Oooh, y'all survived, that's what's important!