Saturday, May 14, 2011

5k #2 in the Books

Last month I took in a runners clinic at the hospital to try and get some tips. Hip stretching was about the most useful thing I took away, but my $20 clinic fee also registered me for the Nurses 5k.  This past week I had a decent run on Monday and then the weather stopped cooperating again. Wednesday it poured so I gave Jillian's 30day shred level 3 everything plus, since I had a crappy day, and then I said to myself I have to a least run on Thursday or I will die on Saturday. Well, it was 80 degrees and after it has been only in the 50s the past month it may as well have been 110 degrees. I also got a new pair of shoes to break in. Lets just say Thursday's run was a epic fail. My legs were so tight from Jillian that I had to stop a mile in and stretch my hamstrings out, which didn't help, my shoes started rubbing on the back of my right heel and pinching my left pinkie toe, and I was hot, sweaty, yucky hot. At this point my mental toughness lost it. I had to walk/run the last 2 miles. I did decide that if I was going to walk my run portions were going to be my version of speed work, ie 2 block sprints. It didn't go well, when I walked in the house, J even commented, well how did that work for you.
I began to fret about today, would I even be able to run the three miles. I didn't sleep real well, since when I'm worried I stress about things and don't sleep well. I got to the hospital way earlier than I had to and waited and dwelled on how I was going to do. I saw a guy from work's wife who just did a marathon and though crap, what am I doing here. I saw a Mom from The Boy's baseball team who said she was going to be running too, and I though well, what is the worst you can do, walk a little? I just hoped to finish in 36 minutes.

I ran, I stayed with the baseball Mom for most of the first mile when we hit a hill. When I hit a hill, my mantra becomes charge the hill, beat the hill, conquer the hill, and left baseball Mom behind. I tried staying with two ladies who were in front of me, but somehow they slipped away from me. Then I started getting emotional, thinking about everything that is going on, which I would try and shake off. I was seeking that mile 2 marker and hit it and said the hard part is over there is only a mile left. I then had another emotional bout and came up on the hospital. I saw the end in sight and then a lady passed me and I tried to keep up and then I saw the clock and heck yeah! I finished in 32:35. I was elated. I normally run about 12 min miles. Yes, it is just under 11 minute miles, but it is a lot to me.


Denise said...

That is awesome Robyn! Way to go, you should be very proud of yourself. I sooooo want to do a 5k, but still have not had the balls to sign up! :) way to go you inspire ME!!

Anonymous said...

GO, MOMMA! You are just amazing!

April said...

That is awesome!! I don't run amd I'm always impressed by those who do!