Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Touching Base Tuesday

I had a wonderful time this weekend. After an awful hour stuck going 5 mph through Chicago, I had dinner with my online friends on Friday at a Mexican place, the waiter we had was horrible, but it was still a good time. Saturday I helped set up some stuff and scrapped all day. I often get told I am very quiet in person. I have a hard time with small talk, but I am working on it. I didn't get a whole lot done, I was hoping to have some photos of the layouts I did, but my husband has my camera somewhere. I had a much better drive home, but I was really tired. I am not used to staying up past midnight. I didn't sleep very well either, I think I have become used to sleeping with Peanut Butter laying on half my body.
In honor of Biggest Loser being on tonight, I would like to say, "Hi, my name is Robyn and I am a sugar addict." I have had a few vices in my life: alcohol, cigarettes, diet coke, now that I have given all of them up, I have now turned to sugar. Cookies, peeps, licorice, ice cream, if  desperate enough, I am sure I would have no problem eating  plain brown sugar. This would be all well and good, sort of, if I would also get off my lazy ass. I have been putting in some miles walking, but Jillian would be so disappointed in the way I have been ignoring her. I am disappointed in how I've been ignoring her. I even overslept today and missed one of the classes I like at the Y. Sigh, I will get back on track one of these days.
I got a pair of contacts today and remember why I was wearing my glasses. We'll have to see how it goes. I also had my car's alignment done today. I hate bringing my car in to get fixed, since they usually find something else wrong with it, but thankfully there wasn't anything today.
Does anyone else have a chatterbox for a child. Peanut Butter does NOT stop talking. We are also in the wonderful "why?" and "what is _____ doing?" phase; it is driving me down the crazy stairs. Today I got my first taste of " I no love you Mama." Ah keep the good times rolling, though I can't complain she was all kissy this morning and kept shoving J away when he was trying to give me a good bye kiss.
Baseball has begun to suck every minute of my husbands time away and it is only March. It is going to be a long summer. 
I am looking at doing some sort of garden this summer, hopefully one PB and I can work at. I think I am going to get this book, Gardening with Children and see what we can do. I already have a very neat idea for a strawberry planter thing from another book. 
I think that catches me back up to an extent.


Mary said...

Yes, I have quite the chatter box too! And he is totally asking "why" and "what" about everything!
I'm pretty quiet in person too. Unless I REALLY know people!
Sugar.......it brings me down too! You are not alone:)

Big D said...

Wow it sounds like you have been super busy!! When do you have time to BREATHE in all of that? LOL

April said...

That last comment is actually from ME and not Big D.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you had such a good time and that you were able to get some pages done - I look forward to seeing them!

And do you know I just had a similar thought about vices? I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't drink soda . . . sweets are about the only thing left!

And oh, the talking! And the asking of "Why?" OMG. At least a dozen times a day I wish I had a pair of earplugs. I sometimes think the only reason I am caught up on my laundry is because I do to the laundry room alone and sneak in 3 minutes of peace and quiet.

Michelle Leigh said...

I hadn't been to the gym in over a week. At least I was doing some running outside, but I felt "mooshy" from not doing strength. I finally made it today and it felt good, although I feel weaker already.

Imagine 3 chatterboxes! That's my predicament.

Kim said...

I have a problem with talking too much.
Sometimes I wish that I was more quiet.