Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Paintings, Trips, and What Have You

I picked up a painting I had bought in Madrid and had stretched today from Michael's and it looks great. I have no idea where to put it since it is the weirdest color combo and I have no room in my house that matches in the least.
I have been thinking that this may not be the year I take Peanut Butter to Disneyland since I don't think I will be able to swing it financially. Maybe next year when my car is paid off and I will have some actual cash flow. I have been looking at some alternatives for us to do during deer season. I am considering Minneapolis since there seems to be quite a bit to do there and it won't break the bank. I took out a book from the library called 500 places to take your kids before they grow up it has some great ideas in it. I may buy a copy for myself so as PB grows I can keep a few of the places in mind. 
J and some of the other Dad's played The Boy's basketball team last night. It was interesting. They play to 100 and the youngsters won by 6 I think. The Dads seem to run out of steam. J was complaining how sore he was, I just had to laugh since I don't know why he didn't think he wouldn't be. Just because he was the youngest Dad out there, it didn't make him more fit over night.
Peanut Butter really wants to see Alice in Wonderland. I am not quite sure about taking her to this one, but she loves watching the trailers over and over and over.......


Denise said...

YES come to Minneapolis and we could have a MN gal get together!! and meet for lunch or something.

Ellemes said...

We have talked about going to Minneapolis too. I've been told how family friendly it is by many people.

The Alice in Wonderland promos creep me out. Seems like Johnny Depp only plays slightly scary people anymore.

Michelle Leigh said...

Well, I love Minnesota in the summer. It's gorgeous and our lakes can't be beat. My kids love MOA and if you go during the week they have toddler Tuesday, you can get an unlimited ride band for $10. Seriously a great deal. Keep us updated if you come, I'm sure Bianca and Miss PB would get along great!

Anonymous said...

Paint a room to match the painting! When hubby's grandfather died the only thing I wanted from the house was an old painting of some flowers in a vase. It has some beautiful reds and greens and warm yellows in it - I painted our 'office' to match.

Minneapolis is so much fun! It has been years and years since I have been there, but I think it would be a fun little trip without breaking the bank.