Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

I decided to give Friday Night Leftovers from Sippy Cups are Not for StarBucks  a whirl this week since I don't really have a PSF this week.

I am posting while I should be finishing up packing up my car and getting the heck out of dodge for the weekend. I am going to Scrap for a Cure

It has been a beautiful week this week. Peanut Butter and I got a lot of walking, playing in the sandbox, and soccer practice in.

I also cleaned up the mess that was our yard. I think there was 40 pounds of doggie nastiness out there, while cleaning it up I kept noticing that a lot of the piles had colored waxy specs in them. I asked Peanut Butter if she had been feeding the dog crayons and she said no. A day or so later, PB had her box of crayons on the floor and I saw the dog trying to pick up a crayon to eat. Why in the world would the dog want to eat crayons and so many of them?

Peanut Butter is now taking swim lessons. I think she prefers to smile and wave at me than swim.

At the end of last summer I decided just to wear glasses since I was sick of dealing with shopko to get my contacts. I am now sick of wearing my glasses and will begrudgingly be going to shopko next week. I wish I could just find my prescription some where so I could order them.

I am hoping my house is not a total disaster when I get home on Sunday and that McD's is not the food of choice for the whole weekend.


Michelle Leigh said...

There has got to be way more than 40 pounds of doggie nastiness in our yard! Good for you for getting on top of that! We might have to hire out that job this year! Ewwww.

Have fun this weekend! Quite jealous of all the ladies who are getting away!

Ellemes said...

It takes me FOREVER to pack for scrapping weekends. I need to get started for the one I am going on in April.

I hate getting glasses and contacts too. I hate not having them, but I hate getting them.

Have fun scrapping!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see some of your new layouts!

And the dog nastiness . . . oh, the dog nastiness! Hubby finally did ours a couple weeks ago, and it is back to needing to be done again. I have to wonder what the heck we are feeding him!

Danifred said...

Getting my glasses and contacts renewed/ replaced is such a huge pain!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend- enjoy :)

Beth said...

I keep telling my son that his weekend chores include cleaning up a winters worth of german shepherd droppings and he keeps finding reasons to postpone it. :)

Haven't been to a Creative Memories workshop or retreat in ages. Need to get back to it one of these days. It's always fun!