Monday, January 25, 2010

And So It Goes

It is amazing sometimes how fast life just keeps moving on. I am on my last day of five days off and wonder where did the time go. I go some scrapbooking in at a friends house this weekend. It is nice to just sit without any worries except what paper to use and how to lay it out and again be surprised when hours have passed without even realizing it. I managed to stay up to 1:30 am both nights and am still feeling the effects today. I did get quite a bit done and it got me to clean up some of my scrapbook room. I am now going to try and work on making some cards for Operation Write Home. A friend of my who hosts a crop in March is hoping to collect 1000 cards to send; I'm going to do my best to help her. I'm not the best at cards, but it is a great cause and something is better than nothing. Hopefully I can clear out a bunch of my paper scraps. I'm going to try and remember to take some photos of my layouts and post them.
I have gone 3 weeks with out a diet Coke. I have noticed I don't crave the sweets all day long like I used to, so I think I am eating less. This is probably why they say to keep a food journal. I have tried to get back into attempting to run again. I have been doing circuits on the treadmill where I will walk at 3.7-3.8 for 2 min and run at 6.2 for a minute to a minute and a half. I was hoping to go to the Y this morning, but we didn't roll out of bed until it was too late to get there in time for child watch. I did the Biggest Loser Last Chance workout: toning arms and legs instead and man I can feel it. I have been trying to eat better, but seriously, I love pizza and it probably isn't the best. I did have quite a few meals of black beans with long grain rice and eggs last week. This is one of my new favorites, though I don't know if anyone else in the house is too hot on it. Peanut Butter will eat the beans and rice. I also love cookies, so I have at least been trying to make them myself so I know what is in them and I try to use half or more of whole wheat when making them. I also don't use any enriched bleached flour. I have to read some more of Jillian's book, but it can be a bit dry and the reiteration to eat only organic gets monotonous especially when I really wish I could, but it is a bit of a reach on the budget I have and unless I drive at least 30 min not very readily available.


Anonymous said...

Way to go on three weeks without any coke. So it's ridding you of some of your sweet tooth, huh? I really need to just suck up and do it. Saying that as I just got 4 2 ltr bottles last night at the grocery store since they were a buck a piece. ~sigh~ I'm just scared of the monster headaches and while the husband is traveling so much right now I feel I shouldn't try to tackle it when my nerves are already shot. Perhaps I should shoot for March.

The scrapbook time sounds like lots of fun. Good luck with your cards!!

Anonymous said...

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