Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sassy Pants' New/Old Doll House

I bought a Victorian mansion for Peanut Butter off of Ebay. It is missing a few parts: 3 windows, a bunch of fencing and an atrium wall. It was also covered in old hot glue gun glue, which made putting it together a PITA. I used some glue dots on a few of the window trims and wall paper. It took me a bit to get it together since there were no instructions, half the pieces were together and half weren't, and PB was buzzing around driving me bonkers. This set has been discontinued so I'll have to hunt to try and find some of the missing pieces. But all in all I think I got a decent deal, $75 shipped. The new grand mansion goes for 130 with no furniture or peeps and I received quite a bit of furniture and about 15 peeps.

As you can tell Peanut Butter was very excited about it and dove right in playing with it. I thought the table I put it on was going to be big enough, but I might have to find another one.

My next mission a hospital or pirates. She has a thing for doctors and pirates.


Mary said...

That's awesome! She looks so happy too :) Good find!

Denise said...

That is cute! And she is VERY excited. Hopefully that will keep her busy........for at least 15-20 minutes...lol! Love it

Trannyhead said...

That looks like so much fun! I remember my doll house as a kid. I liked it ... but it used to make my mom mad when I used my plastic horses in it.

Poltzie said...

Oh my, she looks SO happy! Too cute - good work Mama!