Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Fourth

I think this was one of my least favorite 4th of July's ever. We were invited to friends of ours for food and fireworks. The city lights off their fireworks across the street from their house. Of our core group of 3 couples(none being the host) we were probably 10 years older than most of the other folks and all of us have kids of some age from Miss Peanut Butter almost 3 to 16. While I don't believe any of them have kids. My friend and I both could feel how pissy some of the other guests were about having kids be there. Peanut Butter and my friend's three year old girl were running wild and there was no control over them. It was a constant chase and since the hosts don't have kids, they have a cream chair and sofa that PB wanted to get her grubby feet all over. Ugh it was hell. I barely had a chance to have any conversation with the people I did want to talk to.
Here's Miss PB with one of many plates she wanted and then didn't want.

PB and her partner in crime. They are deciding how far through other people's yards they want to have us chase them through.

A little after 9 people started shooting off fireworks and PB wasn't having any of it she was screaming bloody murder to "go Home." I took her to the car which was actually parked in the perfect spot for us to watch the fireworks. She cried through the first few BOOMs and then she shouted, "Yellow!" and it was all good from then on. The sound buffer of being in the car was just enough that she was able to enjoy the fireworks and when they were done she wanted more booms and fireworks. So the night wasn't all bad.


Dee said...

Aww she was just loving outside and got a bit wired.

Glad it wasn't all bad.

scrappysue said...

i see it was a wet 4th for you too!

Anonymous said...

And that is why when kids come along that those single friends are fewer and further between. Sorry to hear it wasn't that great. At least the fireworks weren't a bust.