Thursday, June 25, 2009

Photostory Friday: Too Big

PhotoStory Friday
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Remember the face you got when Miss Peanut Butter was on the carousel?
This is the face you get when you tell Miss Peanut Butter she is not big enough for the swings that spin around really fast while on the carousel.

Peanut Butter was very upset she could not go on the swings. She kept pointing at them and we had to tell her she was not big enough. This turned in to the swings being "too big."

She was partially appeased at the Ferris Wheel ride and looked down upon the swings and muttered "too big, too big." She did enjoy the ride and we got her on this kid sized drop thing and that made her day.

She was back to her old self on the carousel.

She still had to say "too big" every time she had a glimpse of those swings. She even said it when I brought up the page to link it and she saw the picture of the swings.

And just a side story, because I couldn't choose between the two, the Field Museum in Chicago has a pirate exhibit going on right now and it is pretty neat. We ended up going through it a lot faster than I had hoped, but with a toddler, things don't always go as you hope. Anyway, PB has a thing for pirates and at one point in the exhibit there is a doctor sawing a pirates leg off and this for some reason was the coolest thing. She did not stop talking about it. She kept running back to the mannequins and yelling "Doctor, Doctor!" All day it was about the doctor, when ever we passed the museum after that, it was the doctor. You would thing that a doctor sawing a guy's leg off was scare a toddler, but not this one. I think I'm in trouble.


Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Cool day! Sounds like so much fun and the pirates would so be up our alley. Our Izzy has a thing for pirates too and treasure. She would be right there with PB and talking about the leg. lol!

Ryanne said...

kids are so funny. One moment they love something and the next it scares them to death! The pirate thing is great, I'm sure my son would love it, they are his favorite make believe game!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

That's funny about the pirate n doctor. Sounds like a good day.

Dana said...

Wow. I live in Chicago and havent made it to the Pirates exhibit at the museum. Glad to hear that you enjoyed it, and hope that i can make it there eventually!

Glad you enjoyed Navy Pier... it is so much fun! :)