Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Jaunt Around Town

One of the things that I enjoy about where we live is we are pretty centrally located in the city and can walk about anywhere if need be. Another thing is, we have a lot of parks, no pool, but a lot of parks. Today at one of the parks they had their summer kick off and had Scooby and Sponge Bob. They had the firetruck out and little things for the kids to do like balloon animals and face painting. They were also having a concert, but we didn't stay for that. From there we walked to one of the ballfields where I thought J would be and then walk/ran to the field he was at. Peanut Butter played with The Boy's cousin it was fun to watch them chase each other around. She has no problem playing or trying to play with kids that are older than her as long as it doesn't get too rough. It got to be time for us to go and my legs were pretty tired at this point, but Peanut Butter insisted, "run Mama." So I did what I could on the way home. All told Peanut Butter and I put in 4 miles tooling around town. While I'd like one of those nice new houses in the 'burbs, I like the convience and accessability of living smack dab in the middle of the city.

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