Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday: A Bigger Picture

On Real Time with Bill Maher in one of his last couple episodes he talked about what happened in the US that people aren't nice anymore. What changed? What led some people to prey on others in search of an even bigger profit. Why wasn't a healthy profit ok, why did it now have to be outrageous? Yes, the conversation was more about the economy than the state of people in general. After pondering this bit, I thought it was somewhat relevant to a wider scope. I don't know when it happened, but it seems like we don't have a real sense of community anymore. Growing up my parents had an pretty good idea of what we were up to just from other people. My parents didn't necessarily run in the same social circles as my friends parents, but they found out a lot of stuff. People just told other parents what their kids were up to because it was the nice thing to do. I'm sure my parents didn't want to hear about a party I had been at, but I'm sure they wanted to talk to me about it. We didn't have to be prisoners in our homes/yards in fear of the boogey man out there, because people cared and watched out/checked on what was going on. It seems to me people have become fearful of each other, making sure nobody screws them over. No body seems to care about the Big Picture of what happens. Have we all turned a blind eye to what goes on around us? Is there something that make us think that for some reason certain things won't affect them? Sometimes in the big picure the little things that we never think will affect us send out ripples that can turn into tidal waves.
Yes, a bit rambley, but... maybe I need a writing class.

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