Tuesday, December 2, 2008

little of this, little of that.

The boy had a basketball game again tonight, he had once last night too. I thought after his first home game a couple of weeks ago we'd have it made. Miss Peanut Butter sat on my lap for almost the whole game. Ah, not so much the last two games. She has discovered she can make laps through the gym, down the hallway along the gym, back through the gym, repeat. I barely get to see any of the 24 minute game. But, The Boy's team won yesterday and today.

It has been an interesting evening. J is sitting in the recliner with PB watching the Princesses Sing Along Songs. He was doing fine until they said Pocahontas was a princess, now he's all up in his feelings about the whole thing. He is adamant about Pocahontas not being a princess, how all the other princesses are fake and Pocahontas is a real person. Apparently, she shouldn't be reduced to a disney movie.

I seem to be having some weird dreams as of late, it is as if my self conscious is feeling guilty about leaving PB to go to Madrid for a weekend. They have been all about abandonment and the like. It is driving me a little batty. I just want a good night of sleep.


Anonymous said...


I'm praying for your sleep deprivation!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, hate funky dreams about the kids. Not fun at all.

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way right before going to Las Vegas last Spring! In the end, it was wonderful, the time with Daddy was great for the kids, and I came back feeling like I could be a better mom because I had taken a break and done something for me.

And I had never really thought about the Pocohantus thing, but I think I agree with J. She was a real historical figure who played an important part in history - though she was dipicted as heroic in the movie and all of the princesses have worthy attributes - interesting.