Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beach Bums

I never thought I would really enjoy a beach vacation. I didn't think I was one for camping out on the beach in the sun. I am fair and heat isn't a plus in my book, but I took up my friends offer of going out to Ocean City, MD for a long weekend to just get away. I needed a get away. I needed to just camp out on the beach in the sun. It was great. 

The trip out was long. We left the house at 5:30 am to fly out of Milwaukee at 8. We landed in DC at 11:00am and then drove for what seemed like forever to get to Ocean City. We made a few stops to break up the drive and arrived into town around 4-4:30pm. Peanut Butter was one of those kids you don't want on a plane screaming how hungry she was when I wouldn't spend 5 dollars on graham crackers. My friends were out when we got there so we wandered down to check out the miles of beach.

We met up with my friends and had dinner at a restaurant set on the beach. 

We hit the beach the next  day and it was beautiful The weather was awesome. Peanut Butter was not. She was so afraid of the waves that she started screaming whenever she or I got close to the water. It was sheer hell at some points. 

But it got better as the day progressed.

We went to dinner that night at Dead Freddie's which had this wonderful pirate ship play set out for the kids, so adults could actually have a conversation before and after eating.

My friend Marla and I took in some outlet shopping the next day while her husband took the kids to the beach. Peanut Butter started warming up to the water.

We had someone to watch the kids so the adults could get their clubbing on. We went back to the place on the beach and hung out for a while.

The last day before we left was a morning from hell driving all over to figure out where we were going to set up on the beach. Getting 12 people to focus can be an adventure sometimes. Peanut Butter was a wee bit crabby by the time we set up and ended up napping for quite a while. But she did get out and hit the water.

It was all good until we decided to go out a little further into the water. I had PB in my arms as we headed out, when I looked up and said crap, as a huge wave pretty much creamed us. PB was done, she was back to screaming about the waves again. She did mellow out a bit later.

I think Peanut Butter ended up with heat exhaustion by the end of the day and was pretty much out from 5pm on. We headed back the next day and I've been missing the beach ever since.


Laura said...

Sounds awesome! Sometimes the things you initially don't want to do turn out best.

KimBerly said...

It looks like you had a great time. Love the pictures.

Michelle Leigh said...

Looks like a very eventful vacation! Sounds like one I've been on with my 3 monsters! They are so memorable though aren't they? Good for you for doing it, you totally deserved it!

Michelle Leigh said...

Oh, and I have to say, it's great to see you in pictures, even if it was just a few!

Lesle Alvarado said...

Great pictures. Sounds like y'all had fun in spite of the hiccups. LOL Glad you were able to get away!

Kristi said...

Super jealous, looks like a fun trip!

Denise said...

Looks like fun! Glad that you got to get away for a little while and enjoy yourself!

Leslie Collins said...

I am with Michelle, it was nice to see you in the pic's. :)

I must say, the first one of M is too funny. Glad to hear she warmed up to the beach a little.

Glad to hear you had fun! You definitely deserved a getaway!