Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Peanut Butter started T-Ball last week. It is a very humorous way to watch baseball. From experience there are stages of baseball. T-Ball is funny, the kids don't quite get what is going on, they get excited over little things, and by the end of the game most kids are playing in the dirt. Coach pitch and minor leagues are like watching paint dry, Majors there starts to be action and the kids are either into it and start to really want to win. After that it is all good in my opinion games get as action packed as baseball gets. I don't know if softball will be the same, because of course when you are playing it as a kid you have a whole other perspective than being a spectator. 

I'm really hoping my alma mater Hurley wins their game tomorrow night to put them in the semis for State and I happen to be off the day they would play in Madison and would be able to go watch. I went last year and it amazes me how different the game is played compared to baseball. I have my fingers crossed for a big win!

On another front, I am already the bad almost ex-wife. I completely forgot J's birthday yesterday. I even gave his d.o.b. over the phone for something and it didn't even phase me. It was my night with PB, and had I remembered I would have at least had her call and such. He said something today to PB about forgetting something yesterday and said it was his birthday. I felt horrible as much as I am mad at him at times, I don't want to deny him of PB's love on special days.

And on another front, I am starting to miss Direct TV. I haven't had it installed since I am not sure if I can afford it yet. I'm waiting to see how much my utilities are going to be here to see if it is in my budget. Seriously we have watched Sesame Streets "Let's Eat!" about 20 times in the last two days, PB now knows Cereal Girl( set to Material Girl) by heart now.  Today I am sure we watched the Blues Clues where Salt and Pepper have a baby, Cinnamon, about 15 times. As soon as it would end PB wanted it again. Oy Vey. And as soon as I get into an episode of Breaking Bad, I have to stop it and then figure out where I left off when I go back to it. And without fail PB woke up from her nap the other day just as Samantha was getting some in SITC2. I can't win.

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KimBerly said...

Give yourself a break about forgetting his B-day. You are going through a lot.