Thursday, June 16, 2011

Settling In

Things are settling in at the new Casa de Jelly, boxes are slowly stacking up in the basement and not scattered about the house. I even started setting up my scrapbook stuff tonight. Peanut Butter is making friends in the neighborhood. I live across the street from the lake, on a very quiet street. It is an interesting mix of duplexes on the one side of the road with what seems to be mostly retired/older folks, with the exception of us and PB's new friends, who I don't know how they fit 4 kids into one duplex. It doesn't look any bigger than ours and it is tight in here with the two of us. Along the lake side of the road are really nice houses that Peanut Butter occasionally points to and says we should get that house Mama. And I say when I win the lotto we can. 

Since it was outrageously expensive for me to have a four legged pet here, I had to leave the dog with J. I told PB as soon as we got things settled I'd get her a fish. I friend at work suggested a Beta since they are pretty low maintenance and are easily replace should one kick off. I am amazed this guy made it home alive.

We stopped for lunch after we bought him, he hung out on a chair while we ate, and she sloshed him around in Aldi's while I picked up the rest of our groceries. I set the tank up and let him go and amazingly he is still kicking. 


KimBerly said...

Cute!! I think that was a good idea to get her a little friend.

Laura said...

I had a beta as a classroom pet for a few years. They are very hearty little creatures.

Did PB name him?

Leslie Collins said...

there are many times i tell reyna if we win the lotto then we can invest in whatever she is inquiring about...:)

what a cute fish.