Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wake Up Call

I had to go to the Doctor yesterday for a follow up and when I got on the scale I about died. I must have be delusional thinking I had only gained back 10 pounds from last year, not even close I was up almost 20. I don't know what to think. I had thought I was exercising more and building more muscle, but apparently not. I went to the Y today and did Totally Toned which was a 50 min program, which I thought wasn't too hard since it was easier than doing Jillian, and then I walked for 25 min on the treadmill. Holy cow did I get sore after about an hour of being home. I am going to try and take some more classes and hopefully mix things up a bit. A friend of mine at work wants to meet when we can to do some of them and get our girls together for swim lessons and maybe tumbling. I do know I have not been walking like I used to a year ago, I used to walk a lot on my breaks at work and get almost 3 miles in there. I think I'm going to have start doing that again. I may also take tai chi at the Y. I should probably get more out of my membership than I have been. I was hoping that giving up the Diet Coke would have made some difference since I felt like it had, maybe it did maybe I weighed even more at the beginning of Jan.

On another note, the same friend I mention before asked if I was going to take Peanut Butter to the Princesses on Ice in Milwaukee. I sadly said I didn't think so since cash was a little tight. But I looked it up again online and they are going to be in Green Bay next weekend and the tickets are actually cheaper there and I should have our tax money back and a payday so I think I am going to take her next Thurs. The drive to either one is comparable so I don't mind having to go to Green Bay. Parking is probably cheaper too. PB has been begging me to take her skating before I had even brought up the Disney on Ice. I may have to look into if they have open skate at the family center here in town. She thinks she wants to do ballet on ice.


Denise said...

oh have fun! Disney on ice is so magical for little princesses!!

Mary said...

She will love it! So so fun :)

Sorry you are stressing over the weight. You have been working so hard. I bet you have gained muscle!

Kat said...

I hear ya on the weight gain. I really should get my butt in gear and start getting back to my regular weight. Egad.

By the way, I LOVE your new header pic. :)

Anonymous said...

Awwww, man! I am sorry to hear that the scale has not gone in the direction you have been working so hard for! I am hopeful that the warmer weather of spring and summer will help - there is just something about getting a workout in outside that seems to make it more effective (or maybe it is the sun that you get while doing it . . . pasty white always looks big.)