Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pillowcase Fight

I wake Peanut Butter from her nap at daycare today and she tells me her blankie is stuck. I wonder what blankie she is talking about. I ask her what blankie and she is pointing. Her teacher comes over and says oh yeah, the pillowcases were naughty today they were hitting other kids. Apparently Ms. PB and 2 of her friends decided it was a good idea to whip each other with their pillowcases and had them taken away. All I could think was good lord don't let the boyfriend Jasper be involved in this. So I ask PB who she was having the pillowcase fight with and Jasper wasn't one of them. Apparently, he just likes to spit and shake hands.

At the gym yesterday I struggled on the treadmill since my shin splints were acting up and then my calves started to hurt. After it was said and done this guy said to me, you put in a good work out, keep it up. I don't know if he was patronizing me, but he seemed sincere and I actually felt much better about the pain I was in. I talked it over with my physical therapist, the one who works at the big house with me, and he suggested making sure to stretch out where the muscles meet the heel. I will give that a try and hopefully that will help some.

My nursing friends at work are going to do this crazy hgc diet where you take hormones and then go on a 500 calorie a day diet for 3 weeks. I was like hell to the no. 500 calories that is like a half pint of milk and 2 cookies with maybe a piece of chocolate. Seriously, I said to these medical professionals, this cannot be safe and she said well the folks in my church are doing it and are losing like a pound a day. I still don't know how this could be safe.


Ellemes said...

In a former life, aka 2 years ago, when my volleyball players got shin splints we would put icy-hot on their shins before activity to help their pain. Admittedly this made them smell elderly, but it seemed to help.

I could never do 500 calories a day, unless it was an AT LEAST 500 calories a day diet.

Denise said...

Miss M is a cute little stinker. WHY on earth would you take HORMONES and only eat 500 calories a day....THAT sounds insane and trust me they may loose the weight, but they will gain it back and them some.UNLESS they plan on continuing that for the rest of their lives...wont happen. You keep working hard at working out and you will WIN! Thats awesome that guy told you that!! SUPER

Kat said...

Well, DUH, they are loosing a pound a day (I'm surprised it isn't more!). They are only consuming 500 calories! THAT IS INSANE!!! So glad you know better than to do that. Crazy.

Have you tried buying a new pair of shoes? My shins always get sore when I am wearing my shoes out. I always know it is time for a new pair of running shoes then. Good luck!

CanadianMama said...

Yeah that sounds REALLY unsafe! I bet they will all gain it back and mroe once they are done!

ps. PB has a boyfriend, I've missed so much :(