Saturday, February 20, 2010

Some Randomness

I haven't just written in a while so here goes  some spew. 
J laughed at me when I told him I was going to get my thyroid checked like I was thinking it is going to be a magic cure. He seems to think that the Dr will find some reason to put me on some sort of medication because that is all they do in his mind. I'm sure this is the reason he hasn't gone in to get snipped is because they will of course find something to prescribe him on top of the painkillers.
We are almost done with Basketball, tomorrow is the big city tournament and next weekend is the last away one. I don't think I am going to take off of work for it though. It will be different next year not having somewhere to be almost every weekend for some sort of sport since The Boy moves into High School. But as J says, the girl isn't too far from starting, good lord.
Peanut Butter is on to the spitting, giving raspberries phase and truthfully I am so sick of it. The only funny thing that came out of it is she came up to me one day and grabbed my hand spit in hers, spit in mine, and shook it. Like we were making a deal of some sort. I asked her where she got this from and she said Jasper. Jasper is a boy in her daycare that she was afraid of because he had pushed her or something when she first started in the room she is in now. J asked her about Jasper today and she very quickly said, "boyfriend" and hid behind me. I asked her if she said boy friend and she said, "NOOO." Hmmmm. She showed J the spit hand shake and he said that's what boys do. So I don't know if the whole handshake thing is related to the spitting in general as in another cool boy thing Jasper showed her or what. But you tell her anything she doesn't like and she spits.
Is Peanut Butter the only 3 year old that enjoys Harry Potter? For some reason she likes to watch any of the movies. I don't know what kind of damage I am doing by letting her watch, but I think most of them are PG anyway.
A old friend got in contact with me via face and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I had abandoned the relationship when I felt it was getting toxic for me, as in I could not give anymore. I don't know how far I want to take this. It has been about 10 years so maybe things have changed, I don't know whether or not to put it all out there to her how I feel or just tread lightly.
One would think if they had their cell, playstation, and computer privileges taken away they would make some sort of effort to get their grade up, or at least turn in their missing assignments. The Boy just doesn't get it. We have been on his hinder for 3 years now trying to get him to understand the importance of getting his homework turned in on time. I also don't understand why the teachers continually let him turn it in late. What is this teaching him. He also did horribly on a math test which I don't know how much he can make up. Math was one of his best subjects and he bragged about how high he tested on the aptitude test and now his grade is in the crapper. His excuse was he isn't understanding the material. If you aren't getting it, say something, then we might not be in shock when we check grades. I might be less pissed if he actually did something other than go to school, watch tv, play playstation, text on his cell, and play sports, but he doesn't make any attempt to help out in any way. He won't even make his own bed.


Ellemes said...

As a teacher of 7-12 kids, I have to say I'm surprised you're disappointed the teachers let him turn it in late. I totally agree with you, but I usually have parents either begging me to take late work or finding a reason that it is my fault that it's late in the first place. I wish more parents would have your thought process.

Anonymous said...

PB spitting in her hand and shaking yours - OMG is that the cutest thing ever?!

Cooper and Maren have also gotten into Harry Potter - the first 3 movies were definitely tame enough for them, and they are a nice break from the animated flicks.

And I have to wonder why his teachers are letting him get away with this?! Do they not see what a huge disservice they are doing by allowing him to get by?