Sunday, December 4, 2011

dear running

It's not you, it's me. I used to feel like this:

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

But now I even feel like the bottom picture when I'm running. It is as if I am running in quicksand for 4 miles every time I go out. I think I need to move on for a bit and take a break. Through the wonders of pintrest, I found a web site that has all the insanity workouts and this body needs some insanity. The mind is saying food, fat, stay warm, my body is saying eek I am not fitting into my pants. I need some intensity back I need to not be able to walk the next day and quite frankly just running isn't cutting it. I need my ass kicked. I did Jackie Warner  Xtreme Timesaver the other day and crap, it was hard. But I actually felt like I accomplished something for a hot minute.


Leslie Collins said...

that picture cracks me up. kudos to you for running. i do not think i could run around my block. i would need someone to come peel me off the pavement!

Kristi said...

LMAO!!! Good for you!

KimBerly said...

How are you girl?? I haven't checked in for a while.

We all need a break sometimes. Don't worry girl.