Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Preview

We did the pumpkin patch earlier this month. We also happened to be in the middle of a heat wave, it had to have been 80 degrees that day, but we made it through.

Peanut Butter liked peeking at the chicks.


She is this tall this fall.


I don't know if this kid had a thing for PB or what but he seemed to follow her around and kept trying to talk with her.


A hayride with Daddy.


And some pumpkins were picked out for carving much later in the month.


Peanut Butter decided after seeing How to Train Your Dragon a few weeks ago that she wanted to be Astrid from the movie for Halloween. I got my craftiness together and after fighting with my sewing machine and borrowing another here's how it turned out. Friends of ours' neighborhood does trick or treating the weekend before so, went out with them today.


In case you want to know what Astrid looks like:



MIchelle said...

Seriously, I just adore her new hairdo, it's totally her! Great job on the costume too, I didn't know what she was until you said it, I didn't see that movie. She's adorable though!

Anonymous said...

Miss PB has grown-up so much! I LOVE her costume - you did a fantastic job! And I love that she wanted to be such a strong female character - we are knee-deep in princesses around here!

Denise said...

Cute Cute Cute! You are super talented.

CanadianMama said...

That's awesome - nice work on the costume!!

Leslie Collins said...

I love Miss M's hair. It looks so stinkin' cute!

The costume looks great, too. I would like to learn to sew one of these days....