Monday, September 27, 2010

A Sweep Through September

I have been very bad in posting as of late, so prepare yourself for a run down of September. 

Peanut Butter started school.


She is going to 4K. It is two and a half hours in the afternoon, it is run through the school district, and our daycare is one of the sites that hold it. She gets to keep a lot of her daycare friends and seems to enjoy it. She was especially excited when I got her a Princess backpack. I was especially excited because I got it on clearance at Target for $2.50. 

My Mom got tickets from her friends to a Brewer game; Peanut Butter and I were more than happy to attend with her. Suprisingly, The Boy did not, even thought it was against the Cubs. Too bad for him since we had great seats. It was one of the quickest games I have been too, but the Brew Crew lost.


My Mom's birthday was also in September and she stopped over so we could take her to dinner. As I was getting PB ready, she asked if I cut her hair recently. I said no. Then as I was brushing PB's hair I noticed pieces cut out of the sides, when I asked her if she cut her hair, she went into full tantrum mode and I was worried we would not be able to step foot in the restaurant. PB calmed down after a bit and later admitted to me that she did indeed cut her hair while her brother was playing playstation in his room not watching her. It wasn't extremely noticeable so I let it go for a while.


But this past Friday night I decided it needed evened out and I was going to do it. Peanut Butter will sit perfect for the ladies who cut her hair, for me nope. It ended up a wee bit shorter than I had hoped, but it is growing on me,


The Boy's Mom got married this past weekend. They had a very informal reception at a park, the only bad thing was it was freezing out. PB didn't seem to care, she played like nobody's business.



Denise said...

Oh her hair looks so cute and she is looking like such a little lady! My kids cut their own hair to when they were about that age!! ugg.

April said...

I LOVE her new haircut! It's amazing how much of a big girl it makes her look. :-)
Sorry I haven't been around much, trying to catch up on all my favorite blogs. :-)

CanadianMama said...

Love her hair - and I agree: totally makes her look grown up!