Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Monster I Created

My hubs finally noticed that all the exercising that I have been doing is starting to pay off and the fact that I told him his face was getting a little round and decided now that baseball is over he is going to work out with me at the Y.   I started him on the treadmill and right off the back he is jogging for a good amount of time. I start to get a wee bit jealous since it had taken me forever to run 2+ miles. He then made me go everyday for about a week straight. I am used to every other day, doing a video on the other days. I started to hate the effing treadmill and it was only a week. J, on the other hand, was like I burned another 1000 calories today. It is his mission to burn as close to a 1000 calories every time he goes. I told him he should really take an off day since the body needs to recover and he adamantly said he can't do that because he just won't keep going then. He did take Saturday off since he worked overtime. Now I feel I have to compete with him on the treadmill, I have upped my time on the dang thing to 45-50 min, whereas he says on for an hour plus. I have upped my mileage in that time to four miles instead of 3-3.5 miles, which is faster than what he does. I would much prefer to run outside, but I refuse to run with the jogger anymore, the Y has child care, even though it is crap hours for our schedule, and it has been smoking hot and humid here. This week I tried to return to my schedule of doing things, yesterday I did a work out off of the Insanity set. O-M-G! I did one about a week and a half ago and that about killed me, at the end I was really struggling to get even a few moves in on the last circuits. I tried a different one yesterday and my calves and shoulders were killing me this morning. I was rubber when all was said and done, it was like the shred on speed with no weights. I had to laugh because there is one part in the workout I did yesterday where they show a full view of every one working out and you can see another camera doing a zoom in on one of the girls who is just dying and she pushes it away. I need to get this set of dvds. I borrowed the set I have now from a friend at work, but she burned them and they skip a bit and I would rather pay to not have it skip and get the full work out. So I am trolling ebay for a deal even if I have to do it disk by disk. I scored one today. The only thing that stinks is J lost 10 pounds last week and I gained 2. WTF.


Michelle Leigh said...

Try not to compete with him, he will lose so much faster and it will discourage you. I dieted and worked my ass off for 6 months and lost 20 pounds, J worked out for a week and lost 10. See? Brian is very similar. He can lose 20 pounds no problem. Guys have more to lose. You should just be proud of your new fitness level. You are doing fab! Better than I can say since I haven't worked out in almost 2 weeks!

Kat said...

Freaking guys! My hubby looses weight just thinking about working out. This past week when he was putting the playset together and not feeling well he lost over 5 pounds.

You and your hubby should be very proud of yourselves. I think it is awesome you are all on a health kick. And that you are doing it together is even better. Way to go! :)

Oh, and try not to let the two pounds bother you. Womens bodies are weird. We are always retaining water and loosing it and getting bloated and crazy stuff. I'm sure you will have a great week this week. :)

Denise said...

You are doing awesome! Keep up the good work. And yes men lose it much faster...that sucks! keep your chin up and ROCK on momma.

Anonymous said...

Go Momma! I too HATE that my husband can lose so much faster, but it is so nice to have someone to workout with and to challenge me to do more. (And mine can do more, but I am more flexible and leaner than he is - those things he is really going to have to work at.) Have you tried Craigslist for the Insanity disks? I picked up all the P90X ones for $50 off there (and the guys selling them threw in all the guides and such as well.)