Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Believe it is Official

This morning it was beautiful out, I wished I could run outside as I was putting Peanut Butter in the car to go to the Y. I didn't have any goal going into today's run, just to put in 40 min. If I had gone with J, I would have gone longer, but I just wanted to get three miles in and get on with the day. I have started to cover the treadmill read out so I am not constantly reading it and telling myself I can walk for a minute at X excuse. Today I just ran, I peeked a couple times to see where I was at. I said to myself when I get to two miles, I'll give myself a break, but I didn't. I said when I get to 30 min I will give myself a break, but I didn't. I said to myself you will run the 35 min and you will run 3 miles, even if you have to run it at  5 miles an hour. I range between 5-6 miles an hour. I ran my 3 miles and I had not run a full 3 miles until today. I told myself when you can run 3 miles without a walk break you can say you run and mean it. So, today it is official, I RUN. Next goal 5 miles. 

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Izzy 'N Emmy said...

So proud of you!!!! Great job!!