Sunday, July 4, 2010

In The Summer

Well, I'm back. I haven't felt much like blogging as of late. We seem to be on the go quite a bit so sitting down to do an actual post has been tough. Peanut Butter has also discovered the wonderful games of Sesame Street online and has taken over the computer. I have also been scrapbooking in my free time rather than sit online, which is why one day you may get a bunch of comments from me as I catch up now and then. The ease and accessibility of facebook has been my main way of keeping up. If I could blog from my cell phone, I probably would post more, since there are hours I sit at ballparks doing nothing waiting for the games to start. Speaking of which.....


We've been watching a lot of baseball. I have actually been able to watch games since PB has been pretty good as far as staying close and playing with other kids.

This also means I have been getting a lot of sun and am full of freckles. I always think my face is dirty when I look in the mirror, but it isn't just freckles. I have been trying to be better with the sun screen and haven't been sun burnt very bad yet this summer which is a record I think.

Peanut Butter is trying to set the record for most days in a row that a princess dress has been worn. 

 The Tiana dress has taken a beating this summer and is almost ready for retirement. PB has asked for me to make her a new one. I am deciding what/how I am going to do that. Target is seeming like a better option.

Well, enough for now, I will catch up some more tomorrow hopefully. PB needs to get to bed.

BTW I am still figuring out sizing for photos through Photobucket, bear with me.


Laura said...

You should get a blackberry. Then you could be online anytime.

Sounds like summer to and waiting for baseball. So nice that she is old enough to play so you can watch.

Happy Summer!

CanadianMama said...

The photos look great! Good to have you back (if only for a bit)!

Por Rafaela Souza said...

Your daughter is very cute, loved it! I am Brazilian and I love your blog, you're Congratulations, and keep it up :)

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