Saturday, June 5, 2010

Still Alive and Our Camping Excursion

I am still alive, I haven't found myself wanting to sit at the computer for very long lately. I have been watching a Veronca Mars marathon in my scrapbook room. I started a couple weeks ago, even though I have seen the dvds a few times I kept wanting to know what happened. As a result I spent my evenings somewhat scrapping and watching my girl. I am now debating season three or to start a different series. I had Breaking Bad out from the library, but couldn't break away from VM and had to return it since someone placed a hold and I couldn't renew it. I have however finished a few pages I never would have and have realized I really need a trip to the scrapbook store for some new paper, though I always can use that, but for real this time and that I have a new addiction to milk duds. 

The Lost Finale happened since I last posted and I was very satisfied. I must be one of the few who didn't need everything spelled out for me in the end. A lot of the Facebook posts on the Lost page were negative, but I didn't get why they didn't like it.

We did a little camping over Memorial Day weekend, it went surprisingly well. One of our friend's parents are the park hosts at the campground we stayed at. I usually am one that needs to shower everyday, but I made due. I am even considering camping when I have to go back up there in July, because I am cheap, but we'll see. So here's some photos:


Peanut Butter yelling for her brother to wait up.


I was surprised how well Peanut Butter did in the water. At swim lessons she is sometimes apprehensive about getting in the water. I don't know if being able to touch the bottom made the difference, but she did really well. She didn't exactly swim, even when I tried to help her too, but she'd walk up to her neck. 


Our friend's brother brought his two kids out on Saturday, so Peanut Butter had someone to play with. Our friend's mom also has more toys at the camper than I think PB has all together. Here she is playing doctor, making her patient lay on the picnic table.


She also got her play her favorite, Tea Party. I now have an idea what to get her for her birthday.


A little ride on the 4 wheeler with our friend's Mom. It was also the ATV rally in Hurley that weekend. They missed the world record for the most ATVs in a parade by 100 at 1532. I saw a UTV with a kid carrier like you would use behind a peddle bike, only made of plastic it was crazy. 


Peanut Butter had a pretty good weekend, she came away with some bumps and bruises, but seemed to have a great time. That is until the car ride home, after sleeping the first hour, she fought with her brother, made us take 2 potty stops in which she did not have to go potty, and wasn't happy until about 3 hours into the 4 and a half hour ride and then fell asleep 30 miles from home.


Denise said...

aww camping is awesome! We camp a lot. It is great fun and the kids will remember it for a life time.

Michelle Leigh said...

Sounds like a great time! I'd like to try taking the kids camping at some point. I'm not that crazy YET though!

Anonymous said...

Looks like yall had a great time. I'd love to get my kids to a lake, I think they would love it!