Friday, May 21, 2010

Ducks on the Pond

We have had this couple of ducks showing up in our back yard the last couple days. Peanut Butter scares them off in her attempts to pet them, but they show up again the next day. We'll see how long they keep coming back.

I am starting to feel a little better, I still have some congestion, but at least I can breathe most of the day. I have been trying to get some running in and I notice when I stop I still have a lot of coughing from congestion in my chest. I have also noticed that PB weighs much more than she did last year. It is getting really hard to push and run with her in the jogging stroller. It stinks, since getting a run or a walk in without having to use a treadmill is hard and since it is nice out, I hate to go to the gym. I also almost got myself finagled in to a 5K next weekend, until I realized it was next weekend. After I inquired one of my friends about one, I realized that he was talking about next weekend and told him I think it is out. He seems to think I can be able to run 3.1 miles by next week, when I can barely run a mile and a half now. Hmmmm. I also did Last Chance legs and arms yesterday. Ouch, I am feeling the legs today.

Peanut Butter was rummaging in her closet and found a jacket my Mom had bought for her at Christmas. I was a 5T so I had put it in the "grow into" box. She discovered it and decided she only needed to wear her unders and the jacket. I did get her to put on some shorts so she could go outside, but it was close to the 80 degrees out, I am amazed she didn't melt.

It is a Princess jacket to go with her Princess bike. She didn't feel the need to put shoes on either, Though she did have the complete outfit with Princess crocs earlier in the afternoon.

All I could think of when I saw this shot was, "It's one of the Pink Ladies from Grease." She was pretty happy with the jacket and wore it to the Y when we went for swim lessons. The bad thing was she started taking it off in the hallway outside the locker rooms and she didn't have anything on underneath.

Speaking of swim lessons. PB seems to enjoy them, but doesn't seem real comfortable in the water. It is like she is trying to walk in the water instead of being flat in swimming position.  We have 2 more weeks and then a break until fall. I thought about putting her in soccer for a 5 week session. She loves to kick the ball around, but J isn't as enthusiastic about it as I am. He doesn't like soccer and I frankly think it is boring to watch, but she seems to get a "kick" out of it and is actually pretty good at kicking the ball and running with it. I figure it can't hurt. The bad thing is, it is on Thursdays and The Boy plays baseball most Thursday nights, though when J makes the move to first shift, I won't have to worry about getting him anywhere.


CanadianMama said...

A "kick out of it" hahahaha - good one Robyn!!

Aww, PB is really cute as a pink lady! And look at those ducks just ducking around :))

imbeingheldhostage said...

Pink Ladies-- that's hilarious. Toddlers and their fashion sense, huh? I'm sorry you've been feeling bad, I hope you kick that stuff soon!