Sunday, January 15, 2012

Don't You Forget About Me

Since my life has become consumed with Pintrest and stalking  chatting on Facebook, I have let this blog get a little dusty. Truth be told the winter blues have settled in and I need to purge a bit. 

Yes, I sometimes get the winter blues and this year is no exception. Strangely they started when we were having the best weather in January ever. I mean, I ran outside in a t-shirt and capris and still got a sweat on. But, the short days, combined with missing Peanut Butter on days I don't have her and seemingly messing up the only flash of interest another person had in me since getting divorced, I have been feeling like curling up in bed and just sleeping, but I have been hauling my butt to work fighting off tears as I try to get through this. Last night I had a little mental break down and surprisingly am starting to feel better and I got my PB back today and have my days off coming Tuesday, Wednesday. So things seem to be getting a little brighter and hopefully the blues are on their way out.

Today when after PB got dropped off, she showed me what appeared to be a face make up brush. I asked what she had and she said a brush, she and brushed her face. I was like great. Now the person for whom this saying 

rings true for me, has worn off on my PB and she things she has to wear a ton of make up to be pretty. My biggest fear is for PB to grow up and think she has to be "pretty" to get things. But I say to myself it is just a brush and shrug it off until I see all this powder flying off of it and say, "WTF?" I ask to see the brush and it is body shimmer powder from Victoria Secrets. I about lost it, who buys that for a 5 year old? Well, the same person who took her there shopping today. Apparently they were on a little spree in Victoria's, spraying perfume and all kinds of fun stuff. Am I crazy or is spending time with a 5 year old in Victoria Secrets inappropriate? I get running in to grab an item or two. But I would never think to buy my kid something there.

Ah, such is my life.


Kat said...

Oh good grief. That would bug me too. I suppose it was "innocent"ish, being that little girls like to play with makeup, but I think it would still bug me.
Sorry you are feeling down lately. I suppose all this snow isn't going to help.
Hope you are feeling better soon!

Denise said...

Oh boy! I agree Victoria's secrets...I get embarassed in Victoria Secrets. I could see if it was "little girl" makeup like lipgloss etc.


Sorry your feeling down. (HUGS)

Leslie Collins said...

Uhm, I have never taken Reyna or Roobs in there. I do not plan on it anytime soon. It would be one thing to run in and run out, but it is not a place to take a child to find them play make-up. Hmm.

I have been neglecting my blog a little, too. This time of year never helps me. I find it hard to have any motivation for anything when it is cold and everything looks dead outside. I need to find a job where I can work from a warm climate!!! haha. :)

Hope you have cheered up!!!