Sunday, August 9, 2009

The End of Baseball

Another baseball season comes to an end. J had the city tournament this weekend and what could be better for baseball than a ton of rain. They ended up pushing games back yesterday and had to cancel the rest of the tournament this afternoon due to storms rolling in. I went to the fields around three since they didn't have many parents signed up to work the afternoon and it was just starting to rain. I helped clean up a bit and then it started to get nasty and I decided to take Peanut Butter home before it poured and she was trapped in the snack shack with 20 other people bouncing off the walls. Hopefully we'll be able to have some family dinners again, because pizza and mac and cheese is really getting old.
The rain did not bode well for my rummage sale yesterday either. I may try and do it again on Thursday and then everything is going to St. Vinnie's or Goodwill. Though we did have some of the hottest weather of the summer this weekend and I am not a hot weather person. I personally have been lovin' the mild summer we have had, nice enough to spend a lot of time outside without feeling the exhaustion of the scorching heat. It did give me an excuse to stay inside and clean up the house today. It was looking like a train wreck. The upstairs still needs attending to, but the lower level is looking much better. It will look even better when the foot high pile of baseball stuff is gone.
I am waiting to hear which 4 wonderful days I get to take off without pay in coming months. Thankfully they are docking our pay at a percentage every check and not a full day the weeks we take our furlough day. I have yet to figure out how this is going to save money when more than likely some one on overtime will be working my day off. At least I got to somewhat pick days. J has his picked for him since he has a Monday - Friday job.


Anonymous said...

I am with you on disliking the heat! I have LOVED the summer we have had around here - lots of rain and cooler temperatures. I am ready for the fall.

Furlough days . . . that sucks that they are making you take them! The real question is, are they making EVERYONE take them? It drives me nuts when companies make their employees take days without pay while the CEOs/presidents/etc. still make their HUGE salary!

Denise said...

She looks so sad about the end of baseball. And I am hoping that your get to have some family dinners SOON!